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​Good general purpose foliar spray

Used widely in combination with herbicide sprays - aids pasture recovery

N:K ratio closely matches many plant demands

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N P K S Mg Ca Other
16.0 5.5 12.0 0.3 0.1 0.0 B 0.02%, Fe 0.2%, Mn 0.02%,
Zn 0.01%, Cu 0.002%
and kelp
Physical description
Farm types Dairy, Livestock, Cropping, Horticulture
Uses include Physiological management, Fertigation, Foliar application
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Application Rates and Usage

Nutri-Blue Label
​​Liquid Fertiliser - NZ

Can be applied by boom spray, aerial spray or fertigation. Not for use under glass or polythene.

Water rates will vary according to crop type, growth stage and canopy area. Ensure that adequate water rates are applied to provide complete crop coverage. Please refer to your product label for specific application rates and details.

Storage and handling

• Avoid storing under conditions of extreme cold.
• Storable up to 3 years.
• Do not store mixed with water or other chemicals.

Mixing and compatibility

• Agitate contents before dilution.
• Half fill spray tank with water.
• Add compatible chemicals while maintaining agitation.
• Add wetter or sticker as required.
• Fill spray tank to full volume with water while maintaining agitation.

Ravensdown liquid fertilisers are compatible with a wide range of commonly used agricultural chemicals. When mixing with other chemicals, always mix a small quantity and observe for precipitation (fall out) in mixture. If precipitation occurs do not proceed with application. Foliar fertiliser can, in certain situations, make other crop chemicals more efficient or phytotoxic.

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