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High analysis soluble phosphate fertiliser

High P content makes the cartage and spreading cost competitive.

Granulated product makes it suitable for seeding equipment.

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N P K S Mg Ca Other
0.0 20.5 0.0 0.0 0.0 15.0
Physical description
TSP is generally dark grey, but like SSP the colour of the granules will vary with the rock type/source.​
Farm types Cropping, Dairy, Livestock, Horticulture
Uses include Pasture development
Cautions for mixing

​Although TSP generally mixes well with other products, it is not compatible with the following:

DAP, MAP, Gransulam, UniMap, Urea and other nitrogen based fertilisers.

TSP can be compatible with the following under certain circumstances:

MOP, SSP and Trace Elements.

Segregation may occur when mixed with product with differences of particle size.

Works better with
Also known as
​Triple Superphosphate, Triple Super.
Similar products
Regulatory requirements

Benefits of TSP

​High analysis soluble phosphate fertiliser

Suitable for crops with a high phosphate requirement and where there is adequate sulphur already present in the soil and/or nitrogen is not required

High P content makes the cartage and spreading cost competitive

Granulated product makes it suitable for seeding equipment

Can be used in some crop fertiliser mixtures.  The benefit of the high P content is that the cost of the cartage and spreading component is reduced, compared to fertilisers with a lower P content.

Application rates and advice

Spreading or seeding rates for TSP (Triple Super) vary greatly. Soil testing and fertiliser plans are available to ensure you use the right product at the correct rate. Actual rates will vary according to farm type, crop grown, climate, productivity and soil type.  Call our Customer Centre for information.
As with most solid fertilisers, TSP (Triple Super) can be stored over a season as long as it is kept in a covered, cool, dry, well ventilated area.​