Ravensdown is committed to our local communities and proud of the causes we support. We’d love to assist with many more initiatives than our resources allow. To give you the best chance of getting a yes for your project, we developed these guidelines to make our needs a little clearer.


  • We will consider proposals in all categories except for any cause or event that is based outside of New Zealand or that does not benefit the rural community.
  • We typically require sponsorship exclusivity in the category of fertiliser.
  • Logo and/or name exposure is considered a bonus, but is not the primary goal of sponsorship.
  • We prefer to invest in sponsorships that carry out audience research during and/or after the event, including questions relating to the rural sector and provide results to Ravensdown.
  • We expect our sponsorship partners will invest a minimum of 10 percent of the total value of the sponsorship to proactively add value to the sponsorship. Your plans for this would be useful.

Ravensdown brand positioning

Here is a short overview to assist you in understanding our brand positioning. Our goal is to partner with organisations and events that are a strong, natural match to at least some aspects of our brand positioning. For example:

  • We exist to enable smarter farming for a better New Zealand. 
  • We do this by providing products, expertise and technology to help farmers reduce their environmental impact and optimise value from the land. 
  • We are a crucial part of New Zealand's food creation system - always looking for ways to improve and collaborate in order to achieve our ultimate goal. 
  • We seek to make a positive difference for the communities that either impact or are impacted by what we do. 

Target markets

Sheep and beef farmers, dairy farmers, arable / cropping farmers and horticulture and viticulture.

Family businesses: farmers are typically male 35 – 65 and decision-making is often shared with female partners. Work carried out by younger family members, employees and contractors. Long-term planning, succession and care for the land are among their priorities.

Corporate farms: managers are typically male 35 – 55. Return on investment, employee relations and moving up the value chain are among their priorities.

Influencers: policy-makers, consultants, scientists, academics, regulators, industry bodies and journalists.

Sponsorships should provide at least six of the following:

  1. A natural link with our brand positioning (see above).
  2. Exclusive and meaningful content with permission to use across multiple communication channels.
  3. Opportunity for on-site sales/ promotional activity.
  4. Exclusive event, access, or area for Ravensdown shareholders (26,000 in NZ).
  5. Provide opportunity for key customer hospitality (what-money-can’t-buy activities are particularly good).
  6. Other event-related benefits that we can pass along to a large proportion of our customer base (both consumers and trade). Feel free to use your imagination!
  7. Product placement (using one or more of our products or services in a meaningful way as part of the event).
  8. Ticket discounts, premium tickets, or access to an exclusive ticket line for customers with proof-of-purchase.
  9. The ability for Ravensdown staff to participate in a meaningful way.

To be considered, proposals should include:

  • Key details of the opportunity.
  • Overview of your plan, including what is and is not confirmed.
  • List of sponsors who have committed to date.
  • Comprehensive list of benefits, including how they relate to us, our products and our target markets.
  • Creative and tailored ideas as to how we can use this sponsorship and those benefits to connect with our target markets.
  • Timeline including important deadlines.
  • Credentials of your company and key subcontractors (publicist, event producer etc) and any potential conflicts of interest.

Process for consideration

  • All proposals are reviewed by the Events and Sponsorship Manager to assess suitability, feasibility and resources required (human and monetary).
  • Recommended proposals are presented to the National Marketing Manager for approval.
  • Sponsee is notified of the disposition of the proposal within four weeks.

Submit proposal to
Bronwen Rutland, Events and Sponsorship Manager, 292 Main South Road, Christchurch 8140