Ravensdown is committed to creating thriving rural communities, supporting farming prosperity and championing wellbeing and resilience within the sector. 

What we support 

We are proud to support a range of events, programmes and community initiativesAs much as we’d like to, we are unable to support all sponsorship opportunities, so please carefully consider the following when approaching Ravensdown for support.

Can you say “Yes’ to one or more of these questions? Does the sponsorship opportunity;
  • Assist rural communities to thrive? 
  • Support farming businesses to prosper? 
  • Align with best practice environmental outcomes for the farming sector? 
  • Support innovation and collaboration within the farming community? 
  • Champion wellbeing or resilience within the farming community?  

Some other things to consider: 

  • We will only look at opportunities based in New Zealand that are regional or national in scope and for the benefit of the agricultural sector or rural communities.
  • Our core business priorities are grounded in improving environmental outcomes and responsible nutrient management for the benefit of our customers and all New Zealanders.
  • Our co-operative provides whole farm solutions that support sustainable productivity predominantly for dairy, sheep and beef, and arable farming systems. Please see our website for a comprehensive view of our products, services and innovative technologies and consider what we do when approaching us with a proposal
  • Requests for donations follow the same guidelines.

What we look for  

When looking at sponsorship opportunities, we consider the following: 

  • Does it align with our “why” of Enabling smarter farming for a better New Zealand
  • Whether or not the opportunity complements our current sponsorship portfolio
  • What the direct benefits are for Ravensdown shareholders
  • What unique leveraging opportunities exist
  • Where the creative opportunities are for us to add value to your event, activity or programme
  • The ability to consider regular support and the long-term impact of the opportunity

How to apply 

Please send details of your sponsorship opportunity to the events and sponsorship manager for consideration. Your request may be sent to one of our regional managers to consider. 

When sending us a proposal please supply: 

  • How your opportunity aligns with the questions asked above  
  • Clear details on the event or opportunity including investment
  • Information regarding any other sponsors
  • What the tangible leveraging benefits to Ravensdown are
  • Creative and or unique opportunities to engage with your audience
  • Consideration as to how sponsorship may benefit Ravensdown shareholders 
  • Opportunities for continued support

Applications take up to four weeks for consideration and possibly longer if the opportunity is larger in scale. All sponsorship opportunities will receive a written response whether accepted or declined.  

Submit proposal to
Bronwen Rutland, Events and Sponsorship Manager, 292 Main South Road, Christchurch 8042