Thursday, 17 July 2014

Abamectin toxicity and dogs


Abamectin can be particularly toxic to dogs.

Collies, border collies and collie-crosses (heading/eye dogs) often have a genetic mutation that makes them extremely sensitive to all endectocides (including abamectin), but toxicity can be seen in dogs without the mutation.

  • Never dose dogs directly with abamectin.
  • Never let dogs lick abamectin from the drench gun or container.
  • Never use cut-down drench containers as feed or water dishes unless they have been thoroughly washed out.
  • Never feed dogs meat or offal from treated animals unless the meat withholding period has elapsed.

Even horse drench paste that has been spat out by horses is a risk.

If you suspect poisoning has occurred, contact your veterinarian immediately.