Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Agchem tips for successful establishment of crops or new pasture


Using a spray-out to help control weeds is a well-established practice, even when cultivation is used during seedbed preparation. Glyphosate 540 or Glyphosate G360, plus Accelerate penetrant is the basis for any good spray-out. We also have a a range of companion herbicides to improve the control of specific weeds.

Pests of the paddock

Check paddocks for pests before spraying out. Beware of slugs, especially in direct-drilled situations. Endure® slug bait can be mixed and spread with fertiliser, or broadcast alone, and is best applied pre-drilling or soon after. Consider adding Toppel® 500 to the sprayout to reduce the risk from pests like Argentine Stem Weevil, springtails and nysius fly.

Conrolling weeds in new pasture

Best practice is to spray seedling weeds in new pasture just before the first grazing, once clovers have two true leaves, because weeds are smaller and easier to control and the new pasture will respond to the earlier removal of weed competition.

Pasture Guard® Nurture is ideal for control of seedling thistles, buttercups and a range of other common broadleaf weeds.

Pasture Guard® Elite is the preferred product where harder to kill weeds such as chickweed, cleavers, cornbind, mayweeds, nettles, spurrey, storksbill, twin cress and willow weed also occur.

AIM® is ideal for controlling weeds like buttercup, chickweed, fathen, nightshade, shepherds purse and spurrey.

A tank-mix of AIM and Pasture Guard Nurture is ideal for a wide range of seedling broadleaf weeds in new pasture including thistles and buttercups.

Watch out! There is currently no herbicide that can be used on thistles that will not damage plantain, chicory and clover in a pasture mix.

Companions for Glyphosate plus Accelerate:

Granit® (tribenuron-methyl)
Controls clovers, sheep sorrel, thistles, ragwort, wireweed and yarrow.
Plant-back period: 14 days.

Backup™ (thifensulfuron-methyl)
Controls buttercups and docks.
Plant-back period: 14 days.

Dicam 480 (dicamba)
Controls clovers, dandelions, docks, mallow, pennyroyal, ragwort, sheep sorrel, thistles, mayweed, wireweed and yarrow.
Plant-back period: 0 days for brassicas, grasses and cereals; 28 days for clovers.

Multiple® (clopyralid)
Controls clovers, dandelions, plantains, thistles and yarrow.
Plant-back period: 0 days for brassicas, grassesand cereals; 3-6 months for clovers and legumes.

Pasture Guard® 2,4-D 680
Control nettles, ragwort, storksbill and thistles.
Plant-back period: 0 days for grasses and cereals; 28 days for clovers.

Always refer to product labels for full details of weeds controlled, recommended application rates, and plant-back periods.​