Thursday, 1 December 2016

Customer-centric solutions


At the heart of every interaction, every journey, every sale; is a relationship.

Throughout Ravensdown, the internal ecosystem we maintain to ensure successful solutions for each and every customer is complex. From sourcing, importing and manufacturing of products, through to product being spread on the ground, hundreds of staff perform key tasks to complete a common goal.

When an Agri Manager is on-farm to test your soil, it is important that they take samples correctly and get them to the lab promptly. This gives ARL the opportunity to supply accurate (and timely) results to our Customer Centre and Agri Managers - it is this detail that will determine the recommendation that is made.

Having the right conversation, and delivering recommendations to customers, helps ensure that the correct product is used in each situation. Orders must be entered correctly; stores must be given the right information to pass onto transporters who, in turn, must deliver on time and to the right place.

On the other side of this experience is you, our customer.

Customer interaction, from our perspective, may be a short call or conversation; but this is just a small part of the overall customer journey. The relationships and touch-points our customers have with us are numerous and regularly go back generations.

As the curators of this relationship, we must understand your journey from start to finish.

While it is important to map customer journeys, and have a complete understanding of the complexities within each journey, we have to keep in mind that we have thousands of customers, each on their own journey. As service providers we have to learn to be agile in the field, with the ability to change our approach, our conversations, and our expertise to match customer expectations.

By offering relevant, real-time solutions, we are providing a solutions-based experience that is specific to you and your journey.

The use of technology will continue to be at the forefront of everything we do. With system upgrades to software we already use, a number of new features will be available in the not too distant future, with a focus on: co-browsing, improved chat, enhanced mobile engagement, social media, and smartphone apps.

Our customers must be the centre of everything we do. Not just helping them, but understanding where we fit in their bigger picture.