Friday, 16 December 2016

Cuts to DAP and potash


We are cutting the price of DAP by $48 per tonne to $737, and potash by $41 per tonne to $584.

A surplus of international DAP production has driven prices downward, while potash reductions were secured through strong supplier relationships, according to Bryan Inch our General Manager of Customer Relationships.

At the same time, urea is increasing by $22 per tonne to $482.

Urea has had an amazing run with prices hitting their lowest levels since 2007. However, international demand seems to be firming up which may have prompted the global movement.

Our popular super cap, that saw the price of superphosphate capped at $310 during a busy spring period, has also come to an end and superphosphate will rise to $319 per tonne. We will continue to monitor prices over the summer and look to pass on any movements as per our all-year value philosophy.

Our price list will be updated with new prices for these and related product, which take effect from 17 December 2016.

*Bulk product price with 1.5% direct debit discount included ⋅ Excludes GST, and freight & handling charges ⋅ New prices effective 17 December 2016.