Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Fast-track your pasture growth with Express® + Nitrogen


Express® is a water-soluble formulation of gibberellic acid that is packaged in convenient 20g water-soluble bags.

Gibberellic acid is a naturally occurring plant growth regulator found in most plants, including pasture. Gibberellic acid stimulates production and activity of plant enzymes to ensure that plant growth continues during colder months with shorter days.

  • Cost effective solution to increase pasture production this autumn and winter (in warmer regions).
  • Boost pasture growth by up to 64%.

Ravensdown Express® is easy to use:

  • Each 20g water-soluble bag is sufficient to treat 1 hectare.
  • Simply drop into your partly-filled tank while the agitation system is running.
  • The plastic bag will dissolve in seconds, releasing the water-soluble granules.
  • Maintain agitation and add Widepsread® non-ionic surfactant.

Our foil packs contain 10 x 20g sachets and have a re-sealable strip to help keep any unused sachets in good condition for future use.
To get the best response from Express® it should be applied within 1-5 days after grazing, when there is sufficient green leaf area to ensure uptake.

Use My Ravensdown or call our Customer Centre on 0800 100 123 to order Express and Widepsread today.

Research shows that Express® gibberellic acid + N gives the highest production increase

Pasture DM Production Image