Friday, 25 November 2016

Health and safety upgrades rolling out


We've partnered with iconic NZ company Tait Communications to improve health and safety outcomes using their innovative RT equipment and applications.

"Health and safety is incredibly important to Ravensdown and this is one amongst many steps we're taking to ensure anyone our business comes into contact with goes home safe," says Greg Campbell, Ravensdown CEO.

"Ravensdown and Tait have been working well together to improve health and safety outcomes in the rural sector. The equipment and applications we're migrating to provide innovative health and safety solutions and have the ability to add even more features in future."

The new RT system being deployed nationally will:

  • Control Radios centrally.
  • Monitor all radios remotely 24/7.
  • Use the Tait App to connect our smart phones with our Ravensdown network.
  • Consolidate multiple frequencies into 2-3 and programme them into all transport companies who enter our sites so our staff can talk directly to drivers.

Tait CEO Garry Diak says "In parallel with high-quality voice communications, our customers around the world want solutions which reduce the risks faced by their workers. Tait mobile radio shows where your workers are and can alert you if, for instance, they stop moving. These systems integrate with applications running on customers' cell phones. We know that the rural sector in New Zealand is focusing more and more on how to reduce the risks faced by lone workers in particular and we're pleased to be working with Ravensdown to encourage rural services companies and farmers to look again at modern digital mobile radio and the safety solutions it enables."

As a founding member of the Agricultural Leaders' Health and Safety Action Group, Ravensdown is constantly evaluating and taking steps to improve its health and safety performance and are soon to make announcements about the group's aims and plans.