Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Keep control of what you’re ordering


HawkEye is a great way to keep everyone in the loop and keep on top of your essential nutrient applications during a pandemic. Why? Because it is a contactless system.

“We’re seeing lots of people taking up the use of HawkEye during this time,” says Tim Roulston, Ravensdown National Services Manager. “It’s a way to control and visualise what’s happening on your farm before, during and after application. You can see which paddock had what and order visually on your farm map, so your spreaders know exactly where the products are going.”

Not only is everyone looking at the same information, but it is automatically captured for environmental compliance purposes. Once the product has been ordered the farmer and spreader are updated through map orders and that data is stored for reference.

“Keeping everyone automatically in the loop on what’s happened on-farm and what’s planned without needing to be in physical contact is pretty useful at the best of times but even more so during a lockdown. Also, as we head into moving day (1 June), sharing your farm information with your new team is easy. If you want help to get set up for next season we can help with that.”

For HawkEye support phone  0800 737373 or email