Wednesday, 27 September 2017

N-Protect – the smart choice in coated urea


N-Protect keeps more nitrogen in the soil for plant uptake and limits N-loss to the atmosphere.

N-Protect is our coated urea fertiliser, N-Protect is coated with a urease inhibitor containing 300ppm of active ingredient (NBPT) as registered with Fertmark.
This special coating slows down the conversion of nitrogen in urea, to ammonia gas (Ammonia volatilisation) which is then lost to the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas. By slowing this process, N-Protect keeps more nitrogen in the soil for plant uptake, and reduces the impact on the environment. It also provides farmers more option for nitrogen fertiliser application throughout summer.

Advantages of using N-Protect

  • Using N-Protect is a low-cost insurance policy, that allows nitrogen application when you need it.
  • Side dressing of spring/ summer forage/ row crops before canopy closure (unless urea is to be incorporated e.g. knifed in).
  • When applying high rates of N at closure for grass seed crops.

N-Protect limits nitrogen loss through volatilisation by 50% keeping more nitrogen in the soil for pasture and crop growth.

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