Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Massive New Plymouth store to benefit farmers


The Central and Western North Island will benefit from a new fertiliser storage and blending facility in New Plymouth.

The 14,000 square metre facility, adjacent to our existing store, will allow for better customer service and environmental performance.

“The agri-sector in Taranaki is feeling the pinch, and service towns like New Plymouth are seeing the impact. This investment has spin-off benefits for local contractors and shows our commitment to the community and our North Island customers,” said Mike Davey, Regional Manager.

The new facility will store fertiliser in better conditions meaning better quality, will be laid out more efficiently meaning less wait time, and will be built for better performance on environmental factors like dust emission and storm-water management.

The fertilisers that are imported, made, stored, and spread across Taranaki play an indispensable role in replacing the nutrients that are extracted through farming. Despite current conditions in the dairy sector, Mike believes that farmers will continue to need access to quality inputs for their soil and farm system.

Our New Plymouth store is also set to benefit from a precision blending plant which can develop custom-blends based on a farm’s diagnosed nutrient needs. Each fertiliser prescription is different for each farm and the new Precision Blending Plant also offers, better quality, better speed and better safety.

Customers will continue to pick up from the current facility. The new facility is currently scheduled to open in late 2017, and then the site of the old store will be for sale.