Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Ravensdown cuts prices again


Fertiliser prices continue to fall as farmers plan for spring

Ravensdown cuts superphosphate by $18 per tonne as NPKS prices come down

For the fourth time in six months, Ravensdown is taking the initiative by reducing prices across a range of NPKS inputs.

Superphosphate is being cut by $18 to $312 per tonne, potash by $40 to $625 per tonne, DAP by $55 to $785 per tonne and urea by a further $20 to $475 per tonne.

“We’re able to take this market-leading position because of our strong global supply relationships and because our long-term strategy of delivering all-year value is working,” said Bryan Inch, General Manager, Customer Relationships.“In May we announced an interim rebate payment of $21 per tonne in cash. The money started hitting customers’ bank accounts in early June. It might be the start of a new financial year for us, but we are sticking to our long-term strategy of passing on savings where we can,” added Bryan.

The phosphate and sulphur found in superphosphate play a vital role in New Zealand’s pasture-based systems. With phosphate, potash and nitrogen-based products all coming down, adequate Olsen P and K levels can be combined with growth-assisting N for a more cost-effective and sustainable way of growing quality feed.

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Prices quoted are for bulk product with 1.5% direct debit discount included ⋅ All prices exclude GST, and freight & handling charges ⋅ New prices effective 15 June 2016.