Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Ravensdown initiates fertiliser price cut


Ravensdown has initiated a price cut for key fertilisers as the dairy and other agri sectors grapple with volatile returns for farm produce on the world stage.

Urea is falling $23 per tonne, while DAP and GAS both drop $35 per tonne and potash drops $55 per tonne. The global trend behind this is falling demand for ammonia-based products as Brazil’s market remains depressed.

“It’s notoriously hard to predict where prices of these global commodities are going to go, but our co-operative will do all it can, when it can to pass on these savings,” said Greg Campbell, Ravensdown’s Chief Executive Officer. 

In terms of expenditure, fertiliser is one of the largest line items for a dairy farmer. “Our people are out there now talking to customers about how they can optimise their nutrient investment. Increasingly, it’s less about pumping out maximum production and more about far-sighted stewardship of soil fertility based on accurate test results and considered nutrient management plans.”