Tuesday, 27 July 2021

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The right nutrients at the right time – with both quick and sustained release nutrients, Nitrophoska Select ensures that your crops start strong and keep growing.

Trusted by growers for over 40 years, Nitrophoska Select is the ideal starter fertiliser for cereals, fodder beet, potatoes, maize and fresh market vegetables. It features the same effective compound fertiliser as the old 12-10-10, but now better meets New Zealand farmers’ requirements for more nitrogen and potassium with less phosphorus.

As high-yielding crops remove a lot of nitrogen and potassium from the soil, Nitrophoska Select with its high N and K content is the ideal compound starter fertiliser. Every granule contains the same composition of high-grade, plant available nutrients in efficient and effective forms, for even crops with better yields.

Being a compound, each granule contains the prescribed NPKS. It’s a homogenous product so you have a very even application either via broadcast spreading or through a precision drill.

Greg Costello, Ravensdown Product Manager Fertiliser

Spreading the fertiliser with the seed at drilling ensures all adequate nutrients are available to the seed for rapid germination and root establishment of the crop.

“By planting down through the drill, you're placing the nutrient with direct access to the root zone of the plant, for root development and plant establishment. Ensuring the fertiliser is placed in proximity for plants to utilise the nutrient,” says Greg.

The brand name ‘Nitrophoska’ stands for the three primary fertiliser nutrients; nitrogen, phosphate and kalium (German for potassium).

Nitrophoska Select contains nitrate nitrogen and ammonium nitrogen for both quick and longer lasting effect. Nitrate nitrogen is ideal for crops grown in cool soil temperatures to give them an immediate nutrient boost and ensure successful establishment. Ammonium nitrogen is held tightly in the soil and converted to nitrate at a rate dependent on soil temperature. This results in even and constant absorption, so it provides a sustained supply of N to plants throughout the growing period.

The phosphate is completely plant available. Seventy-five percent is in its water-soluble form which encourages early root growth to ensure young crops have a rapid start. The remainder is in its citric soluble form, being dissolved by natural dilute soil acids, for a longer-term phosphate supply.

There are also two forms of the potash present; mainly the water-soluble chloride form, together with a small proportion of its sulphate form. Potassium is an essential plant nutrient as it plays an important role in efficient water use, aids in both drought tolerance and frost resistance, and it improves the utilisation of vital nitrogen.

Nitrophoska Select also contains plant-available sulphur - for amino acid production and enzyme activity - and calcium - used in cell membranes for protein synthesis and ion uptake.

There is a near neutral effect on soil pH, which is particularly important when banding fertilisers, allowing maximum availability of nutrients for plant uptake.

Nitrophoska Select is a very stable product with excellent storage and spreading properties. It has excellent granulation and granule integrity, plus it is dust free making it a hassle free fertiliser for precision drilling operations.

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Nitrophoska is a registered trademark of EuroChem Agro GmbH.