Thursday, 11 June 2015

SafeMax bags - one more way we're putting your safety first


Our new SafeMax single-use bags represent

Time saving
Along with saving time on checking bag quality, some standard lines will be available on-demand, improving service turnaround at peak times.

Recycling responsibly
Used bags can be brought in to your local store for recycling of the material.

Fair pricing for all
Our new, price of $20* per bag covers the cost of the single-use bag, filling and handling.

*Excluding both GST, and direct debit discount.

Putting safety first

"This is about improving staff and customer safety. Each SafeMax single-use bag will be fit for purpose every time,” said Kevin Gettins, General Manager, Operations.

“The practice of leaning, or crawling under multi-use bags to untie the cord, exposes that person to a severe hazard. There have been several near-misses in New Zealand, and there have been several serious injuries in Australia where product, or the bag, has slipped from the forklift at the wrong time.”

Raimo opener
• Ensure that you are wearing the correct protective equipment.
• Puncture and twist the Raimo Opener to the SafeMax bag.
• Lock it into place.
• Attach the pouring chute.
• Open and close as required.

Sickle knife
• For pouring an entire bag at once, it is as simple at cut and pour.
• Remember not to lean under the bag as this can be a severe hazard.

The Raimo opener and sickle knives are available to purchase from Ravensdown service centres.