Friday, 3 October 2014

Safety first for new SafeMax bag system


From February 2015, frayed and damaged one tonne or 500kg bags will no longer pose a health and safety risk for anyone untying and unloading a fertiliser bag.

“This is about improving staff and customer safety. Each SafeMax single-use bag will be fit for purpose every time,” said Kevin Gettins, General Manager, Operations.

“The practice of leaning or crawling under the multi-use bag to untie the cord exposes that person to a severe hazard. There have been several near-misses in New Zealand and there have been several serious injuries in Australia where product or the bag has slipped from the forklift (or lifting mechanism) at the wrong time,” said Kevin.

“Using the long sickle knife keeps the opener at arm’s length and ready to move away if the product or the bag slips.”

SafeMax bagging system also represents:

Time saving
As well as saving the stores teams’ time on checking bag quality, some standard lines will be available on demand which will improve service turnaround at peak times because product can be bagged and ready to go.

Recycling responsibly
Used bags can be brought in to the local store for recycling of the material.

Fair pricing for all
Check out our price list for the cost. 

When partial bag emptying is needed, a Raimo bag tool cuts a hole in the side of the bag. Both the sickle knives and the Raimo will be available from Ravensdown at cost. The Raimo bag dispenser will cost around $75 plus gst. These will be allocated to service centres as required.

The longer sickle style knife allows bag to be cut without leaning under.