Monday, 10 February 2020

The rise of soil testing


The increasing requirement for improved nutrient management in soils has seen an 81% increase in soil tests ordered by farmers. Whether motivated by economics or environmental efficiencies, ARL’s soil sample numbers present a significant uptake in precision agriculture and farmer nutrient know-how.

We know economic and production considerations have gained more importance over time, as market and regulatory pressures required the best use of resources to ensure profitability and sustainability. The increase over the 14-year period illustrates the desire by primary producers to meet environmental and economic demands. From 2011 there was a marked increase in sample numbers that coincided with the introduction of Whole Farm Soil Testing (WFST), where every paddock is tested instead of only a small number of monitor paddocks. Over the page, you will see this increased soil sampling has contributed to improved nutrient management and inevitably, environmental sustainability.