Thursday, 24 September 2015

Use your Smarts


Our award-winning Smart Maps is quickly spreading throughout New Zealand, with more than 8000 individual farms mapped. 

At it's heart, Smart Maps is an online farm-management tool, that allows you to maintain a detailed, aerial map of your farm.

  • Add paddocks, blocks and management zones.
  • Track fertiliser applications, and other on-farm events.
  • Keep an eye on soil test results and ongoing fertility trends.

What we are offering is a premium product to all our shareholders and customers.

The beauty of Smart Maps, is that it is constantly evolving. We ask for feedback, we listen to our shareholders, and we continue to implement new features and functionality.

Our partnership with C-Dax offers innovative integration, with advanced feed wedge data and strategic feed budget capabilities.

We can even provide high quality digital imagery of your farm for printing, for a nominal fee.

Unfortunately, there have been concerning reports recently of commercial enterprises charging significant fees to provide laminated maps to some of our shareholders.

If you need hard copies of your farm map, please contact your Agri Manager in the first instance, or call our Customer Centre on 0800 100 123 to talk through your options.