Thursday, 23 April 2020

Your essential animal health needs delivered on-farm 


Our drenches, dips and mineral requirements are available when and where you need them. 

Ravensdown has a large order of magnesium oxide fine and magnesium chloride which is shipping its way to New Zealand and will be here for you in good time next month. 

Dairy dry-off and calf weaner drenching:  

Plus, pre-order your Calf Milk Replacer to secure a great price.  

  • Pre-order price: $68.00 per 20kg bag* available on contract until 15 May 2020  
  • Standard price: $75.00 per 20kg bag*   

Grow superior calves with Calf Milk Replacer (CMR)  

Ravensdown's Calf Milk Replacer provides calves with consistent nutrition along with added vitamins, minerals, pre and pro biotics, while greatly reducing the risk of transferring disease from using vat milk.   

Whey-based powders are easily digested and move through the gut faster than traditional casein type powder or whole milk. This results in the calf becoming hungry sooner and seeking out hay and concentrated feed, which ensures faster rumen development – the key to successful weaning.   

North Canterbury Farmer, Mike Smith said these are the best calves he has ever had since switching to Ravensdown CMR. Take a look at how our Calf Milk Replacer has helped.  

Find out how 

Contact the Customer Centre on 0800 100 123 to order your animal health needs today.  

*Prices include DD discount, on-farm delivery only, no RPUP collections and orders in half tonne increments only.