• Advice, Research and Innovation

    Accuracy saves you money

    10 September 2014

    If all the inaccurate fertiliser spread across New Zealand was added up, farmers would be looking at millions of dollars in lost potential profit every year.

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  • Advice

    Glyphosate ingredients determine performance

    2 September 2014

    Temperamental spring weather can play havoc with weed and pest control. When applied alone, many glyphosate products require up to six rain-free hours to take effect.

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  • Advice

    Not all GPSs are equal

    5 August 2014

    Research at Massey University has shown that spreaders fitted with DGPS systems (Accurate to 20cm) reduce in field CV by 9-17% compared to no additional reduction for spreaders fitted with non-corrected GPS units.

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  • Advice, Environment

    Soil testing vital in Northland silt battle

    23 July 2014

    Silt deposits from the Northland floods have left some parts of the region looking like a desert.

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