• Advice, Research and Innovation

    What is precision agriculture?

    14 July 2014

    In the past, farm paddocks were managed as single units with farmers using estimates of average soil attributes for the whole paddock.

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  • Advice

    Animal Welfare Considerations

    8 July 2014

    All products that are manufactured from phosphate rock contain fluoride. This can lead to fluoride poisoning if too much fertiliser is ingested.

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  • Advice

    Fertiliser for lifestyle blocks

    7 July 2014

    Deciding what nutrients to put on your lifestyle or small holding may seem daunting, but we are here to help.

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  • Advice, The Experts

    Superphosphate and Kiwi soils

    1 July 2014

    As New Zealand’s most widely used fertiliser, superphosphate is a key driver of pasture growth. The use of superphosphate and legumes has transformed many infertile soils into productive agricultural areas. The resulting economic prosperity over the decades can be measured in hundreds of billions of dollars.

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