• Research and Innovation, Product Supply

    Safety first for new SafeMax bag system

    3 October 2014

    From February 2015, frayed and damaged one tonne or 500kg bags will no longer pose a health and safety risk for anyone untying and unloading a fertiliser bag.

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  • Advice, Research and Innovation

    Accuracy saves you money

    10 September 2014

    If all the inaccurate fertiliser spread across New Zealand was added up, farmers would be looking at millions of dollars in lost potential profit every year.

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  • Advice, Research and Innovation

    What is precision agriculture?

    14 July 2014

    In the past, farm paddocks were managed as single units with farmers using estimates of average soil attributes for the whole paddock.

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  • Research and Innovation

    Spreadmark Certification

    1 July 2014

    Spreadmark is a voluntary quality assurance scheme administered by Federated Farmers through the Fertiliser Quality Council to ensure that fertiliser is accurately applied.

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