• Research and Innovation, The Experts

    Customer-centric solutions

    1 December 2016

    At the heart of every interaction, every journey, every sale; is a relationship. Throughout Ravensdown, the internal ecosystem we maintain to ensure successful solutions for each and every customer is very complex.

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  • Research and Innovation

    Health and safety upgrades rolling out

    25 November 2016

    We've partnered with iconic NZ company Tait Communications, to improve health and safety outcomes using their innovative RT equipment and applications.

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  • Research and Innovation

    Eye in the sky

    10 October 2016

    Now in its third year, our Primary Growth Partnership programme ‘Pioneering to Precision’ is starting to gather momentum.

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  • Research and Innovation, Product Supply

    Protect your investment in new pastures and crops

    7 October 2016

    This spring we launch Endure® Mini, a new product designed to protect your investment in a fundamental part of our agricultural economy.

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