Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Bruce Wills brings value to Ravensdown


Our new director for the Eastern North Island, Bruce Wills, has attended his first board meeting as we plan for a busy early spring to continue.

The former president of Federated Farmers of New Zealand, and Hawke’s Bay sheep and beef farmer, is looking forward to the challenge.

"This seems like a great time to join Ravensdown as there is a confidence and quiet determination that is pervading the business," said Bruce. "There’s a feeling that the strategy is the right one and we farmer shareholders have got a strong management team in charge of executing that strategy," he added.

Chairman, John Henderson welcomed Bruce and appreciates his valuable experience. “Bruce is an insightful thinker and he cares about the co-operative’s performance.”

John also updated the board about spring demand. “Across all sectors we are seeing customers committing to soil and feed testing as well as purchasing fertiliser to apply while they can.”

According to John, price capping products like superphosphate is also stimulating demand.

"Projections of dry conditions have also meant our new N-Protect product, which reduces nitrogen lost to the atmosphere, has seen strong interest. Over the next six months, the business will be monitoring costs closely and continuing to focus on product and service quality."