Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Farmers benefit from another early interim rebate


We are once again returning an early interim rebate of $20 cash per tonne to be paid to transacting shareholders in early June*.

This year, we have made the announcement ahead of the autumn buying season, giving you the confidence to plan ahead.

“By guaranteeing an early interim $20 per tonne cash rebate, we are able to give farmers greater confidence to invest in their capital inputs. It’s about passing on value when it’s needed, which is all a part of our strategy to help our shareholders farm with greater certainty,” says Greg Campbell, our CEO.

Our strong profit forecast position at the end of February, in addition to progress made over the past four years, means an early interim cash rebate is possible for payment in early June this year.

In uncertain times it’s important to give farmers certainty when we can, which is why we’re delivering another early interim rebate.

Last year we broke tradition by announcing, in May, an interim rebate of $21 per tonne to be paid in the first week of June, which was received very well by shareholders. This was, however, at the end of the autumn buying season, which is why we have brought the announcement forward, ahead of our annual results.

Our strong position, and the ability to challenge the status quo, is due to a strong and positive team who have made significant progress in the face of an uncertain market, making gains in new business and sales.

Our strategies and financial gains in all areas have created a positive momentum internally and in our agronomy markets, which we will continue to leverage for the benefit of our shareholders.

Chairman John Henderson attributes the positive momentum we are building as a company to our solid strategy:

This gives us confidence that we’ll continue to deliver for shareholders on the issues they care about. Morale is high and the team’s doing a fantastic job right across the business.

*Based on solid fertiliser purchased from Ravensdown between 1/06/2016 and 31/05/2017.

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