Friday, 6 September 2019

Kiwi work tool wins Branson project approval


Ravensdown’s approach to wellbeing  is being lauded by Virgin Group’s Richard Branson as an example of companies who are willing to experiment and test new ways of working.

A new training programme for field-based staff to look after themselves and spot danger signs among the co-operative’s farming customers was rolled out by Elizabeth McNaughton and Jolie Wills who have been recognised in a book released by Virgin Unite called “100% Human at Work.”

The two New Zealand disaster recovery experts have secured international recognition for using their Christchurch earthquake experience to help companies strengthen staff resilience, wellbeing and performance. They deployed their unique “Resilience Genie” tool to work with Ravensdown staff.  The Genie is a set of methods, embedded in 100 cards, that empower people with tools that deal with stress, uncertainty and pressure.

Jolie Wills says the Resilience Genie is needed more than ever, to help people deal with a wide range of stressors in the world from climate change to rapid technological change, shifting and emerging industries, and health and relationship challenges.

Katrina Benedetti Forastieri, Ravensdown’s General Manager Culture and People, says the Resilience Genie cards were an integral part of the co-operative’s working style.

“We like to be innovative about how we work with our teams, and the cards encourage staff to rise to tasks and challenges in ways unique to them and our company culture,” Katrina says.

Virgin Unite publication