Tuesday, 15 September 2015

New logo and design match new ambition


At Ravensdown, we’ve already started delivering on real changes; to improve service, efficiency and product quality.

We also needed to modernise how we present ourselves to reflect the real change already taking place.

That is why the logo and marketing materials such as the website, newsletters and signage are changing in a phased roll-out over the next few years.

The Ravensdown name has a long and proud heritage. Our founders were innovators. We wanted to show that pioneering spirit and a sense of progress. As well as a heart-swell of pride within the team and shareholders, there is a hunger to improve and ambition to succeed.

The new “leaf” symbol is about growth, progress and our contribution to New Zealand. Overall, this symbol connects with what we do, where we’re going and what we’re like as a company to deal with and work for.

Behind the scenes, we are putting each and every employee; from manufacturing to “back office” functions on specialist training, so that everyone in your cooperative’s team is becoming even more customer focused.

Many of the changes to materials will occur as routine replacement and maintenance to minimise waste and cost.

The whole team knows that the sign on the door matters less than all the action being taken behind the scenes. It’s all part of the real difference and optimism that we trust you will experience every time you encounter Ravensdown.

Ravensdown Logo