Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Ravensdown backs OVERSEER overhaul


​Ravensdown welcomes the news that the owners of the OVERSEER nutrient modelling tool are setting up a new company to manage, develop, and license the software.

As part of the transition, funding for OVERSEER will increase substantially to at least $2.25 million per year over the transition phase.

Through the Fertiliser Association of New Zealand (FANZ) which is one of the owners, we have already invested millions of dollars in the world-leading software over the years. “All certified nutrient management advisors at Ravensdown are given advanced training in using OVERSEER among other technologies,” said Greg Campbell who, as Ravensdown’s Chief Executive, is also on the board of FANZ.

“The team here are key users of this vital decision support tool and our shareholders have benefitted from us supporting it with funding and scientific input over the years. Countless nutrient budgets have been organised, scenarios considered and environmental mitigations planned as a result of this tool,” said Greg.

But it’s fair to say that there are several ways that the tool can be improved and setting up a business that is solely focused on quality and funding is an important step forward.

The new business will be tasked with:

  • Improving customer service (including improving the helpdesk).
  • Setting up a formal quality assurance programme.
  • Fast-tracking critical maintenance and testing work.