Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Ravensdown appoints National Agronomy Manager


Ravensdown has appointed Will Waddell as its new National Agronomy Manager. Will’s responsibility will be enhancing the co-operative’s service in seeds, agrichemicals and agronomic advice.

The new role leads a nationwide team of nine specialist agronomists supported by a product management team of four and benefits from Ravensdown’s partnership with Cropmark Seeds.

“I look forward to supporting and leading our talented team of agronomists to bring practical and innovative farm systems solutions to our shareholders as we respond to environmental and social needs,” says Waddell.

General Manager Customer Relationships Bryan Inch congratulated Will Waddell on his appointment to the newly created position.

“Will has already had an impressive career providing farmers with the best science and advice.

“Most recently he has excelled as Ravensdown’s Technical Agronomy Manager for the Central South Island, where he was responsible for constructive collaboration with a team of agri managers.”

Will holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Agriculture (Farm Management) from Lincoln University and has worked in agronomy specialising in farm systems integration since 2014.

Bryan says the appointment underlines the importance of agronomy to Ravensdown’s farmer-shareholders.

“Agronomic guidance has never been more important to our farmer-shareholders. They want the best science-led advice on plant genetics, yield and soil productivity as agriculture looks to face some of the biggest environmental and societal challenges. We provide this through honing our expertise, the complementary use of nutrients and our partnership with Cropmark Seeds to access the best plant genetics. This appointment will pave the way for greater growth for Ravensdown as we continue to enable smarter farming for a better New Zealand.”