When: 22 - 23 June 2021

SIDE 2021


SIDE is run by farmers for farmers.

SIDE lines up industry experts to deliver keynote addresses, networking sessions and practical workshops.

Ashburton Events Centre 22 - 23 June 2021

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A message from the Chairman of the 2021 Event Committee, Andrew Slater: “The world is an ever-changing place and the dairy sector plays a key part in this. The level and speed of change we are facing is unprecedented, and the days of holding back, pushing back and putting our heads in the sand are gone. Our farming businesses have to evolve if we want to keep up with the changing climate and continue to survive and prosper. These challenges are fundamental to the SIDE 2021 mission statement: “To equip farmers with knowledge, understanding, tools and motivation to lead an ever-evolving dairy sector with pride, confidence and resilience”, and the theme for the 2021 SIDE conference, EVOLVE."

Early bird ticket sales now open. To be considered for a $100 subsidy to attend as a Ravensdown shareholder, send us an email:

Posted Monday, 15 March 2021