When: 12 - 14 February 2020

Southern Field Days


Come chat with your neighbours over lunch or a cuppa in the Ravensdown shareholder lounge.

Every year we enjoy bringing our shareholders together in the Ravensdown shareholder lounge to chinwag over a delicious lunch or hot cuppa. Enjoy Southern Field Days and take a load off with family and friends in an inviting space, just for you.

We know efficiency on farm with consideration to the environment is important to your business, that's why we will have key products and services onsite to tick those boxes. Discover the HawkEye mobile app for ordering nutrients and learn more about our award-winning effluent treatment system, ClearTech. Then, just for some fun, jump on the rural driving simulator and see how well you navigate rural roads.

Site 138
575 Waimumu Road Hillmorton, Gore

Register ahead of the show and head straight to the shareholder lounge entrance and go into the draw to win an iPhone XR*

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Posted Thursday, 5 December 2019