Into the future

Like-minded farmers started Ravensdown in 1978 with a pioneering spirit and a belief that strength comes from pulling together. Today our team is devoted to customer service and driven by your success.

State-of-the-art laboratories, award-winning mapping technology, laser tracking measurement of grass growth, nutrient modelling software, GPS-controlled application and algorithms to help calculate soil nutrient status from the air, are just some of the tools available to our certified advisors.

As a co-operative, everything we do, every piece of R&D we invest in, every new technological breakthrough we deliver, is dedicated to growing the prosperity of our shareholders and ultimately New Zealand. 

Research and Development

We invest more than $2m in research and development annually, carrying out this research on behalf of our farmer shareholders.

Science is the key to maximising the potential of farming businesses. It gives us the opportunity to make sure our farmer shareholders remain competitive by giving us new knowledge and innovations so we can be more efficient and achieve productivity gains.

Primary Growth Partnership

This Research Programme is about bringing more precision to aerial spreading. The detailed nutrient needs of the farm are identified remotely and the right amount of fertiliser applied as needed for maximum pasture and stock growth. The initiative will underpin growth of NZ red meat and high value wool exports. Ravensdown will partner with the Government through MPI’s Primary Growth Partnership.

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