Ravensdown Shareholder Application

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Investment decisions are very important - they often have long term consequences. Read our Product Disclosure Statement carefully, ask questions, and seek independent advice before committing yourself.

Please complete the entire application form and post to: Share Registry ⋅ Ravensdown ⋅ PO Box 1049 ⋅ Christchurch.

You can also return your application by emailing a copy to customer.centre@ravensdown.co.nz.

All new shareholders are required to purchase a minimum of 100 Ravensdown shares; each share is valued at $1.00.

Farmers transacting with Ravensdown are eligible to become shareholders. We do not accept shareholder applications if your business is involved in the on-selling of fertiliser.

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Signing Guidelines for shareholder forms


When you are applying for shares it is important that you apply under the correct name, or entity, and sign the relevant forms correctly.

As a general rule, the person(s) or entity applying for shares should be the same person(s) who owns, or leases, the farm that requires the products or services offered by Ravensdown.

Depending on what type of applicant you are (i.e. individual / joint applicant, company, partnership, or trust) there are different requirements for the how the form needs to be signed.

In addition, where you are a partnership or trust, you will be required to provide certain additional identification details as explained below.


When you apply as an individual, we require you to complete your full legal name (that is the name which is shown on your passport or driver’s licence) and then sign the form.


A joint application is where you are applying with one (or more) other person, but together you are not a legal partnership, the directors of a company, or the trustees of a trust.

For example - you may be husband and wife who want to jointly own shares.

Where you make a joint application, each individual must complete their full legal name and sign the application.


A company is a separate legal entity which, if incorporated in New Zealand, is registered with the Companies Office.

If you are applying as a company you must complete the correct legal name of the company and sign the form in the manner permitted by the Companies Act, or the company’s constitution.

As a general rule, two directors of a company are required to sign all documents which bind the company (unless it only has one director), but this rule may be varied by the constitution of the company.


A partnership (unlike a company) is not a separate legal entity, but one or more individuals or entities who are associated by a partnership agreement.

Unless the partnership agreement provides otherwise, all of the partners must sign any document which binds the partnership, such as an application form. Partners can be individuals or other entities, so must sign according to what entity they are.

In New Zealand there is no register of partnerships. In order to check that all partners have signed the application, we require an up to date copy of the partnership deed or that part of the deed which sets out who the partners are and how they can sign.


A Trust (unlike a company) is not a separate legal entity but a legal relationship which is created when one person (Settlor), places assets in the hands of another (Trustee) to hold on behalf of someone else (Beneficiary).

The Trustees are the legal owners of the trust property, such as the farm or Ravensdown shares.

Unless the Trust Deed provides otherwise, all of the trustees must sign any document which binds the Trust.

There is no register of trusts in New Zealand. In order to check that all trustees have signed the application, we require an up to date copy of the trust deed or that part of the deed which sets out who the trustees are and how they can sign.

Extra signature space

If more persons need to sign than we have left space for on the form, please just add a blank page to your application, and write the title of the application form and your entity at the top of the form.

Digital documentation

Ravensdown does not require the original of any signed application forms. We will accept forms which are signed correctly and emailed to us, or even forms which are signed using an electronic signature.


Ravensdown respects your privacy, will take all due care to keep your information confidential, and will only make it available to those people in the organisation who have a genuine business need to view.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

The Share Registry ⋅ Ravensdown Limited
PO Box 1049 ⋅ Christchurch 8140