Since joining the Climate Leaders Coalition in 2018, Ravensdown’s carbon reduction roadmap has identified some exciting opportunities.  After setting our first carbon reduction target of 15% by 2030, specific roadmaps for fertiliser and lime were established, representing the most significant areas of work towards Ravensdown’s climate targets. There has been a focused effort to reduce coal consumption, resulting in a 9.5% reduction in the total company footprint over 2.5 years.  The target has since been upgraded to a 30% reduction by 2030. 

As part of the Lime Emissions Reduction Roadmap, Ravensdown commissioned a study with the support of EECA to explore alternative fuels for drying lime in the South Island quarries.  This screening/scoping study engaged professionals from a range of industries and found a number of technically feasible, low or zero-carbon fuels with available supply, using the existing drier infrastructure and feed system.  Following the study, successful alternative fuels trials have been undertaken, manufacturing lime from the lower South Island using no coal and emitting a fraction of the greenhouse gases of usual lime production and proving this to be a viable option to take forward.