The environment is an integral part of our business and we acknowledge the relationship between the environment and our products and activities.  Our commitment to the environment will be a guiding principle in our business planning and development.

To accomplish this we commit to:

  • Comply with the requirements of our discharge permits, codes of practice and other relevant environmental obligations
  • Work to reduce emissions and discharges as far as possible, consistent with sound operation and the economics of production
  • Set environmental and social objectives and targets during the planning process and monitor progress at regular intervals
  • Put in place programmes to continuously improve environmental performance across all our sites
  • Improve our manufacturing and supply footprint through science, technology and innovation
  • Develop awareness and understanding among the company’s employees of the interactions between the environment and the company’s activities
  • Influence all employees to prevent pollution, and to seek to enhance the environment in the course of their activities
  • Work with farmers and growers through the provision of science, technology, products and people to help them manage their environmental footprint
  • Contribute to carbon reduction targets in all commercial decision-making including procurement and investment decisions
  • Be a good neighbour, caring for the communities and environment that we live, work and operate in