Ravensdown has undertaken ongoing improvements to stormwater quality management at our sites.  We have installed dust curtains and doors to minimise the source of dust at sites, are continually Improving our knowledge through increased and voluntary water quality monitoring at many of our sites.  Christchurch Works, New Plymouth store and Nelson store were the latest recipients in large scale stormwater system upgrades of significant investment which will limit the quantity and improve the quality of water discharged to the stormwater system. Dunedin Works and Napier Works are both in the midst of undertaking further options analysis for site upgrades as well.

Recognising the shared value of water resources, we are working to engage with other parties to foster trusted relationships and communications channels.  This year we signed as partners to the Christchurch Community Waterways Partnership Charter: a shared statement of intent between community groups, iwi, educators, businesses, government agencies and other water users to achieve shared outcomes of improved ecological health, biodiversity and amenity value of urban waterways.  We have active community liaison groups associated with our Dunedin and Napier sites to improve our understanding of community impacts and expectations.