Coated urea is better for the environment because it releases less greenhouse gas emissions and because you can apply 9% less nitrogen for the same effect.  The special coating slows down the conversion of nitrogen in urea to ammonia gas. By slowing this process, N-Protect keeps more nitrogen in the soil for plant uptake and reduces the impact on the atmosphere and water environment. It also provides farmers more option for nitrogen fertiliser application throughout summer.

Ravensdown has gradually reduced its storage of uncoated urea in favour of the coated alternative, N-Protect in a bid to encourage greater uptake of N-Protect and a reduced on-farm carbon footprint.  While urea remains available to customers, the product has now been replaced with N-Protect across 45 sites, and the results of this directive are being closely monitored. In 2019 we saw the uptake of N-Protect almost triple, resulting in GHG emission reductions of 4,314.20 tonnes: equivalent to 30% of Ravensdown’s direct (operational) emissions.