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Product Description

​Off white, beige granule

Why Use Backup™

  • Targets difficult broadleaf weeds, including giant buttercup and dock.
  • Effective companion herbicide with Glyphosate for a cleaner spray out.
  • Useful broadleaf herbicide in wheat, barley and oat crops.


​Contains 750g/kg thifensulfuron methyl in the form of a water dispersible granule.

Chemical Group
Sulfonyl urea

Mode of action: Group 2

Regulatory Information

  • Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No P8044
  • EPA approval No HSR000236
  • Agrecovery

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Product Sizes available

  • 200 g

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Important Information


    ​Targets difficult broadleaf weeds, including giant buttercup and dock

    Effective companion herbicide to glyphosate for a cleaner spray out

    Also a useful broadleaf herbicide for use in wheat, barley and oat crops

    Backup can be tank mixed with Glyphosate 360 to improve control of certain broadleaf weeds. Can be used as an economic solution in direct drilling situations when planting brassica’s, cereals and grasses.

    Backup can be applied both via ground and aerial application methods. A minimum spray water rate of 60lt/ha is recommended. Agitation must be maintained at all times. Avoid spray overlapping and use caution when starting slowing or stopping as injury to the crop may result. Use spray mixture within 24 hours of preparation as spray degradation may occur. Backup is compatible with MCPA, MCPB, 2,4-D and Glyphosate, however long term control of docks will be reduced when mixed with MCPA or 2,4-D. Refer to the Backup label for rates on specific crops.


    Absorbed mainly through the foliage and is translocated within the plant, but is also root absorbed. Symptoms of plant death may not be noticeable for 14-21 days after application.


    NOTE: Yellowing and a reduction in the vigour of treated pasture species usually occurs following the application of Backup. Complete recovery, particularly of clovers, may take up to 4 months, depending on pasture vigour before spraying and growing conditions after.


    • 12 x 200g packs per Outer (box).
    • Measuring cylinder sent with product, please read instructions for volumetric measurement.


    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Store in accordance with NZS 8409 Management of Agrichemicals.
    • Store in original container tightly closed in a locked, dry, cool, well ventilated area away from foodstuffs, fertilizers and seeds.

    Please refer to the product label for product handling and storage details.


    When stored appropriately this product should show no significant degradation for two years from the date of manufacture. Please contact your Ravensdown Account Manager, or the Customer Centre on 0800 100 123, for further information about the use of any product that is older than this.


    Add the required quantity of Backup to spray tank partly filled with water and maintain agitation through filling, spraying and before use after a stoppage. Ensure Backup is thoroughly mixed before adding any other pesticide to the spray tank. Use spray solution as soon as possible after mixing and do not allow to stand for an extended period, such as overnight.

    Backup is compatible all products used in conservation tillage programmes and with MCPA, MCPB and 2,4-D, however long term control of docks will be reduced when mixed with MCPA or 2,4-D. Refer to label for rates on specific crops.