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Product Description

​White granule

Why Use Express®

  • ​Water soluble formulation of the naturally occurring gibberellic acid GA3.
  • Stimulates extra pasture production when extra feed is needed.
  • Convenient 20g water soluble bags for ease of measuring and mixing.


​400g/Kg gibberellic Acid (GA3) in the form of a water soluble granule

Chemical Group Gibberellins

Regulatory Information

  • Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No P8341
  • EPA approval No HSR002571

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Product Sizes available

  • 200 g

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Important Information


    ​Express is a water soluble formulation of the naturally occurring gibberellic acid GA3.

    When applied correctly, Express will stimulate extra pasture production when extra feed is needed in late winter/early spring and late autumn/early winter, when natural pasture growth is limited by cooler soil temperatures.

    This can help supplement temporary feed shortages.

    The use of Express is best suited to rotationally grazed pastures.


    Express can be applied with conventional spraying equipment correctly calibrated to apply a minimum of 100 litres of water/ha.  Water should be close to neutral with a pH of less than 8.5. Always add a suitable non-ionic wetting agent, such as Widespread® 1000 , at label rates.

    Where appropriate, the application of Nitrogen just prior to, or with Express can improve the response.


    Express is a soluble formulation of the naturally occurring gibberellic acid GA3.  Gibberellic acid acts as a plant growth regulator and influences many plant processes including; cell pision, cell elongation, flowering, fruiting and seed germination.


    • 5 x 200g packs per Outer (box).
    • Each 200g pack contains 10 x 20g water soluble sachets.


    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Store in accordance with NZS 8409 Management of Agrichemicals.
    • Store in original container, tightly closed in a locked, dry, cool area away from foodstuffs.


    When stored appropriately this product should show no significant degradation for two years from the date of manufacture. Please contact your Ravensdown Account Manager, or the Customer Centre on 0800 100 123, for further information about the use of any product that is older than this.


    Add the required number of 20g Water Soluble Bags to the partly filled spray tank with the agitation system running. Maintain agitation while filling the tank and add the non-ionic surfactant when the tank is nearly full. Maintain agitation throughout filling and spraying. Express should be used on the same day it is mixed. 

    Do not tank mix Express with herbicides, fungicides or fertilisers. Recent trials have shown that Express is compatible with Liquid Urea.