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Product Description

Clear amber liquid​

Why Use Pasture Guard® D-Amine 720

  • Ideal for autumn & spring weed control programmes in pasture and for control of a range of broadleaf seedlings in cereals.
  • A non volatile form of 24D that is softer on clovers than ester forms of 24D.
  • Effective on a range of seedling broadleaf weeds, including thistles, ragwort.
  • Tank mix with Multiple for hard to kill thistles or if resistance is suspected.


Contains 720g/litre 2,4-D as the diethanolamine and dimethylamine salts in the form of a soluble concentrate.

Chemical Group Phenoxy acetic

Mode of action: Group 4

Regulatory Information

  • Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No P9439
  • EPA approval No HSR007878
  • Agrecovery

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Product Sizes available

  • 20 L
  • 200 L

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Important Information


    Ideal for autumn and spring weed control programmes in pasture.

    Effective on a range of seedling broadleaf weeds including ragwort and thistles.

    Can be tank mixed with Multiple for larger, hardier thistles or where resistance is suspected.

    Pasture Guard D-Amine 720 controls a range of seedling broadleaf weeds in cerelas and pasture.

    Pasture Guard D-Amine 720 is a non-volatile form of 24D and is softer on white clover than ester forms of 24D.

    More popular for spring weed control in pastures than ester forms of 24D, because it is less damaging to white clover.


    Pasture Guard D-Amine 720 can be applied with conventional ground and aerial equipment. Use the higher water rates for difficult to control perennial weeds.

    Aerial: Use 30-100L of water per hectare. To minimise damage to susceptible vegetation within 500m, use low drift nozzles which minimise the production of small droplets (100 microns).

    Boom: Use 100-300L of water per hectare in most situations. For hard to kill weeds use 200-500L of water per hectare. t is always best to refer to the label. It may be tank mixed with most other commonly used herbicides & insecticides.


    Taken into the plant through leaves, stems and a little via the roots. It moves in the plant and accumulates in growing points where it interferes with cell division and enlargement.


    • Ezi-Action Drum Pumps available for 200L containers.
    • 40 x 20Lt per pallet
    • 4 x 200L per pallet

    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Store in accordance with NZS 8409 Management of Agrichemicals.
    • Store in original container tightly closed in a locked, dry, cool, well ventilated area away from sources of heat and ignition, foodstuffs, fertilisers and seeds.

    Please refer to the product label for handling and storage details.


    When stored appropriately this product should show no significant degradation for two years from the date of manufacture. Please contact your Ravensdown Agri Manager, or the Customer Centre on 0800 100 123, for further information about the use of any product that is older than this.


    Mix required quantity in spray tank partly filled with water and maintain agitation through filling and spraying.

    Pasture Guard D-Amine 720 is compatible with most commonly used herbicides and insecticides.