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Product Description

​Our CMR is a premium whey powder, spray-dried fats and is supplemented with a health concept of pre-biotic, pro-biotic and organic acids.

Why Use Calf Milk Replacer

  • Develops your calves’ rumens quicker and is digested more quickly as it does not form a curd
  • Encourages early hard feed intake 
  • Calves will have a smooth, stress-free transition to pasture
  • Nutrient consistency
  • Cost effective vs taking milk from the vat 
  • Supplemented with prebiotics and probiotics to support gut health
  • Vitamins and trace mineral to help support good health and immunity in rapidly growing calves
  • Reduced risk of spreading diseases

Withholding Period

  • Meat: Nil
  • Milk: Nil


Ingredients include: Protein rich whey powder, spray dried fat (of which 40% coconut oil), hydrolysed wheat protein concentrate, soy protein concentrate, premix.​

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Product Sizes available

  • 20 kg

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Important Information


    Mixing rate: 125 grams to make up 1 litre of finished CMR.

    Suggested mixing: Dissolve 1 kg of Ravensdown CMR in 7 litres of water to make 8 litres of milk (125 g/l). Take half of the desired quantity of water at 50 °C. Gradually add the powder, while stirring until the smooth milk is obtained. Add the remaining water up to the desired quantity.

    Feed the calves the milk at 40°C.

    Always use clean and disinfected compartment type feeder systems.

    Do not mix and store made-up milk. Use immediately and discard unused milk.

    A general guideline is to feed calves milk volumes at 10% of their body weight per day. This is an absolute minimum for modern genetic stock. Feeding calves at 15%-20% of body weight may give more optimum lifetime economic responses under many situations.

    Always provide clean and fresh water in low to the ground troughs.​


    Whey based CMR

    Milk from the vat

    early hard feed

    Non-curding milk replacers encourage early feed intake, rumen development and eases the transition at weaning

    Hard feed intake is slower and
    rumen development starts later in
    milk fed calves


    Consistent nutrient profile ensures calves receive the correct amount of energy and protein to support early growth and development

    Fat and protein content can vary
    from day to day.


    Quality control at point of manufacture
    ensures low risk of microbiological

    Somatic cell count and bacterial
    loading can vary from day to day.

    Risk of disease

    Pasteurisation, quality control and MPI
    regulatory controls remove the risk of
    disease transmission.

    Without heat treatment there is a
    risk of vertical transmission of
    diseases within or between herds

    Cost effective

    International pricing and demand means
    whey based CMR is cost-effective.

    Vat milk used to feed calves could
    be sold


    - Within hours of birth colostrum should be fed to calves equivalent in volume to 10% of birth weight.
    - Always feed warm CMR and in clean, disinfected feeders.
    - Calves should be fed 10% of their bodyweight as liquid feed each day

    As Ravensdown calf milk powder is whey based, Ravensdown CMR will not curdle in the calf and has a quick (~1.5-2 hours) digestion time. Calves may appear hungrier than normal and hard feed consumption may be greater than expected. Offer RavCalf 16 calf pellets from day 1.

    Wean calves from milk when consuming 1kg RavCalf 20 per head per day or when desired weaning weights area achieved.

    Always provide clean and fresh water in low to the ground troughs.​


    Clean, dry, 10-20 °C, 60% relative humidity, away from strongly odorous materials. Shelf life is 2 months from production date.



    Protein - 23%
    Spray dried fat - 20%
    Minerals - 9.5%
    Crude fibre - 0.2%
    Lactose - 39%
    Lysine - 1.66%
    Calcium - 0.62%
    Vit A - 55.000 IU/kg
    Vit D3 - 4.500 IU/kg
    Vit E - 80 mg/kg
    Vit C - 120 mg/kg

    Metabolic energy - 18.2 MJ/kg