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Product Description

​A milky blue, mineralised, double-combination (white and clear), oral drench.

Why Use Combo™ Plus Tape

•   Contains praziquantel for specific tapeworm control.
•   Effective against roundworms, lungworm, tapeworm and adult liver fluke.

Withholding Period

Meat: 10 days.
Milk: 35 days.


​25.0 g/L albendazole (white drench).
37.5 g/L levamisole (clear drench).
18.8 g/L praziquantel.
0.5 g/L selenium ⋅ 0.2 g/L cobalt.
2.0 g/L copper ⋅ 1.0 g/L iodine ⋅ 0.6 g/L zinc.

Regulatory Information

  • Agrecovery.
  • EPA approval No HSR001706.

Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No A9789.

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Product Sizes available

  • 15 L

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Important Information

  • Application and advice

    Administer orally.

    Dose rate
    1mL per 5kg live-weight.

    We recommend the following applicators: 15mL Multi-Use Gun.

    • Do not exceed the stated dose, or frequency.
    • Doses of three times (or more) those recommended, can cause symptoms of levamisole toxicity. Estimate live-weight carefully.
    • Dehydrated animals may be more susceptible to toxicity.
    • Fatal interactions may occur between levamisole and organophosphate dips.
    • Do not use at the same time as any other selenised animal health product without consulting your veterinarian or animal health adviser.

    See the product label for full details.

  • Efficacy spectrum

    Combo™ Plus Tape is highly effective against the following parasites in sheep:

    Adult and immature gastrointestinal roundworms

    • Haemonchus spp.
    • Ostertagia spp.
    • Trichostrongylus spp.
    • Nematodirus spp.
    • Cooperia spp.
    • Strongyloides spp.
    • Bunostonum spp.
    • Oesophagostomum spp.
    • Chabertia spp.
    • Trichuris spp.


    • Dictyocaulus filaria.

    Tapeworm - heads and segments

    • Moniezia spp.

    Adult liver fluke

    • Fasciola hepatica.
  • Withholding period

    Meat withholding
    Sheep producing meat (or offal) for human consumption must not be sold for slaughter during, and within 10 days of last treatment.

    If a pregnant ewe is treated, and gives birth within the meat withholding period, the lamb is fit for slaughter only when the ewe is fit for slaughter.

    A ewe is treated with Combo™ Plus Tape 5 days before lambing. The lamb cannot be slaughtered (for human consumption) until 5 days after the date of birth.

    Milk withholding
    Milk intended for sale for human consumption must be discarded during, and within 35 days of last treatment.

  • Packaging and storage

    • Tap screwed into underside of main cap.
    • Pallet of 75 x 10L drums.
    • AgRecovery eligible.

    Store in the original container, tightly closed in a cool, dry and locked place, away from direct sunlight.

    Store below 30°C.

    Shelf-life is three years from date of manufacture.