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Product Description

A yellow, water-based synthetic pyrethroid insecticide for the prevention of nuisance fly and control of biting and sucking lice on cattle.

Why Use Deltamethrin Pour On

  • Controls biting and sucking lice on cattle of any age
  • Controls nuisance fly for a period of up to four weeks

Withholding Period

Meat – 28 days
Milk – Nil


Active ingredient: 15g/L Deltamethrin

SDS & PSC attached, label attached, pack shot attached

Regulatory Information

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Product Sizes available

  • 5 L

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Important Information


    Apply through a suitable clean application gun with a T-bar nozzle. Must be applied in a wide (5 to 10cm) continuous strip from between the ears to the tail, down the midline, to ensure even dispersion of product down both sides of the animal.

    Ravensdown Deltamethrin Pour On is a non-systemic. It controls lice by dispersing externally around the body of the animal; therefore accurate application is critical.


    1mL per 20kg live-weight.

    We recommend the following applicators: 15mL multi-use gun with a T-bar nozzle.


    • DO NOT apply Ravensdown Deltamethrin Pour On to wet cattle.
    • Do not use if rainfall is pending.
    • Do not exceed the stated dose.

    In rare cases some cows are irritated by synthetic pyrethroids for 48 to 72 hours after application. This tends to be on a herd basis and repeatable so do not use on cows previously known to be irritated by synthetic pyrethroids.

    See the product label for full details.


    Deltamethrin Pour On contains deltamethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid.

    At the recommended dose, this product is effective for the treatment and prevention of nuisance fly and control of biting and sucking lice on cattle of any age.

    It controls the following lice: Bovicola bovis, Linognathus vituli, Haematopinus eurysternus and Solenopotes capillatus.

    It also controls nuisance fly, Stomoxys calcitrans, for a period of up to four weeks.


    Store at or below 25°C, avoid temperatures below 0°C and above 35°C. Protect from light.