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Product Description

​A yellow liquid

Why Use Fleeceguard®

  • Unique water-based combination pour-on containing diflubenzuron (IGR) and deltamethrin (SP)
  • Controls lice with off-shears treatment (up to 6 week’s wool); rapid knockdown and persistent control for 5 months
  • Prevents flystrike for up to 14 weeks; can be applied as a docking treatment
  • Applied through a standard drench/pour‐on gun with a T‐bar nozzle
  • Not a treatment for live flystrike

Withholding Period

  • Meat - 7 days
  • Milk - 35 days
  • Wool - 2 months


​20 g/L diflubenzuron
10 g/L deltamethrin

Regulatory Information

  • Agrecovery
  • EPA approval No HSR100505
  • Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No A10577
  • Fleeceguard is a registered trademark (817484) of Ravensdown

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Product Sizes available

  • 20 L

Delivery Options

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Important Information


    Rapid knockdown of lice

    Persistent lice control for 5 months

    Effective against synthetic pyrethroid resistant lice

    Up to 14 weeks flystrike prevention

    Unique water-based combination

    No solvents mean safer and more user-friendly

    Easier on equipment and easier clean-up


    A T-bar nozzle enables rapid dispersion of Fleeceguard.

    Lice control

    Apply the recommended dosage as 2 stripes, as per diagram shown on product label/product brochure, eg 31-40kg live-weight = 27mL along the backline from poll to tail. Ideally apply within 2 weeks of shearing, although the product has a label claim for use on sheep with up to 6 week’s wool.

    Flystrike prevention

    For body and crutch flystrike prevention (which will also control lice); apply the recommended dosage as 2 stripes along the backline from poll to tail plus a third stripe as an arc on the breach (as per the diagrams on the label). For up to 35kg live-weight the recommended dosage is 33mL (3 x 11mL) and for over 35kg live-weight the recommended dosage is 51mL (3 x 17mL).

    For flystrike prevention at docking; apply 11mL per lamb as an arc on the breach (as per the breach diagram on the label).


    • Straps for backpack contained in pocket situated under the front label.
    • Backpack comes with upright draw-off tube assembly.
    • Drum tap attached to handle.
    • Small breather bung on drum accessed by removed aluminium ring.
    • Pallet of 40 x 20L drums.
    • AgRecovery eligible.


    Two years from date of manufacture (previously 18 months).

    Please note: Batch numbers 28592 and 28793 show expiry dates of 18 months from date of manufacture; this product is now approved for use for another 6 months beyond the expiry date shown on the labels of these batches.


    Meat withholding period: 
    Animals producing meat and offal for human consumption must not be sold for slaughter during or within 7 days(previously 63 days) of last treatment. 

    Milk withholding period: 
    Milk intended for sale for human consumption or manufacture must be discarded during treatment and for 35 days following the last treatment.

    Wool residues: 
    Ensure that the time between application and subsequent shearing is at least 2 months, except in the case of spot treatment.