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Product Description

Light yellow oily tickicide for the control of ticks on cattle and an aid in the treatment of ticks on deer.

Why Use Flumethrin

  • Treats and controls all stages of tick lifecycle
  • To aid in the control of tick-borne Theileria infection in cattle

Withholding Period

Meat: Nil
Milk: Nil


10g/L flumethrin

Safety Information

Regulatory Information

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Delivery Options

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Important Information

  • Application and advice

    Dose Rate

    1mL per 10kg live-weight

    Apply evenly along the midline of the back from the front of the shoulders to the tail head.

    Use a plastic measuring cup or automatic drenching gun to apply.

    Control of ticks is not affected by rain falling within a few hours of treatment.

    Retreatment should be undertaken when ticks start to reappear.

    For optimum contract of deer, breeding hinds should be treated every three weeks from August to fawning. This program will reduce the number of nymphs reaching the adult stage, which infest fawn during November/December.

    Treatment of hinds can be continued after fawning if this is practical. Other stock should be treated every three weeks from August, or as required.

  • Efficacy spectrum

    Ravensdown Flumethrin spreads through the oils of skin and hair coat of all parts of the animal’s body. Behaviour such as grooming, tail swishing and scratching air the movement of active ingredient to the extremities of the body, which are often affected by ticks.

    Ravensdown Flumethrin is active against all 3 stages of the New Zealand cattle tick (Haemaphysalis longicornis) lifecycle. It also causes infertility of ticks which survive treatment, by inhibiting egg laying or rendering eggs sterile. This action helps reduce contamination of pasture.

  • Withholding period

    • Meat – Nil
    • Milk – Nil
  • Packaging and storage

    Store in a cool dry place at room temperature (i.e. 5°C to 25°C).

    Pack Size: 5L Backpack

  • Precautions

    Signs of mild irritation may be observed for 24 to 48 hours after treatment.

    Hair loss at the site of application may occur on deer which are shedding their winter coat at the time of treatment. This effect is temporary and can be minimised by spreading the dose of the entire backline. Growth of summer coat is not affected.

    See the product label for full details.