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Product Description

​A clear, deep red liquid.

Why Use Lift® B12 Selenised

  • ​Double strength, injectable Vitamin B12 with selenium, for the treatment and prevention of Vitamin B12 and selenium-responsive conditions
  • Each treatment lasts 4-6 weeks
  • Short term appetite stimulation

Regulatory Information

  • EPA approval No HSR002387
  • Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No A9784
  • Lift is a registered trademark (821246) of Ravensdown


​2 g/L hydroxocobalamin (Vitamin B12)
4 g/L selenium

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Product Sizes available

  • 500 mL

Delivery Options

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Important Information


    ​Double strength, injectable Vitamin B12 for the treatment and prevention of cobalt deficiency and Vitamin B12-responsive conditions

    Each treatment lasts 4-6 weeks

    Short term appetite stimulation


    Dose rate:

    Sheep: 0.5-1 mL
    Cattle: 2-6 mL.


    • Do not exceed the stated dose.
    • Avoid carcass damage.
    • Sterilise all injection apparatus by boiling (or equivalent) before use. Avoid use of strong disinfectants on apparatus.
    • Maintain cleanliness at all times.
    • Keep needles sharp and clean. Replace needles frequently.
    • Use shortest needle possible (usually 8-12mm), certainly not exceeding 15 mm.
    • As far as possible avoid injection of animals during wet weather or under dusty conditions.
    • If possible inject high on the neck behind the ear. Loose skin on the neck in front of the shoulder is also a suitable site.

    Frst Aid: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid accidental self-injection. If this occurs, seek medical advice. For advice contact the National Poisons Centre (0800) POISON or (0800) 764 766 or a doctor immediately.


    • Collapsible pillowpack.
    • Pillowpack comes with vented draw-off tube in a carton.
    • Outer carton of 6 x 500mL pillowpacks


    Store in the original container, inside the carton, in a cool, dry and locked place away from direct sunlight. Store below 30oC (room temperature).


    3 years from date of manufacture.