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Product Description

​Light to dark brown in colour, pelletised feed.

Why Use RavCalf 16

A balanced, finishing option for supplementing pasture in calves weaned off CMR or milk that is high in readily digestible proteins sources and fermentable energy. RavCalf 16 also contains high levels of carbohydrates (starch and sugar).

Withholding Period

  • Meat - Nil
  • Milk - Nil
  • Goat - 35 days



Ingredients include: Cereal grains, soya bean meal, canola meal, peas, linseed meal, molasses, vegetable oil, minerals and vitamins including, limestone, and dicalcium phosphate, salt and trace elements, flavouring and coccidiostat.

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Product Sizes available

  • 25 kg

Delivery Options

  • Freight to farm

Important Information

  • USES

    To be used as a supplement for young stock on lush spring pasture. Coccidiosis control can be achieved by feeding 1kg (per head per day) RavCalf pellets continuously for 14 days. May also be used to supplement young stock to prevent the summer dip in growth rates where stock are fed poor quality summer pasture.

    Not traditionally used for beef cattle however it can provide a useful energy and protein source for cattle or breeding animals where pasture is in short supply.


    Dairy Heifers - 4.0 kg
    Beef cattle - 3.0 kg (If controlled)
    Ewes and lambs - Not usually recommended.

    Maximum feeding rates are for guidance only. Higher intakes may be achieved if desired.


    Minimum Crude Protein - 16%
    Minimum Crude Fat - 4%
    Minimum Crude Fibre - 4%
    Maximum Salt - 2%
    Estimated Metabilisable Energy - 12.5 MJ/kg


    • Feed as a supplement to grass. 
    • Introduce to calves from weaning off CMR or milk. Introduce slowly building to 1kg-3kg per head per day to a maximum feeding level of 4kg. 
    • Continue to feed until desired weaning weights are reached to smooth the transition to an all grass diet and optimise growth rates.
    • A long fibre source (hay or straw) should always be fed when feeding pelletised calf feed.
    • Ensure calves have unrestricted access to fresh and clean water at all times.
    • Ensure adequate feed space (should be fed in troughs or feeders).
    • Do not feed if pellets get wet or appear mouldy.


    For control of coccidiosis and improved weight gain. Feed 1kg of RavCalf 16 to provide 100mg of coccidiostat (Bovatec®: 100mg Lasalocid sodium). Care must be exercised when feeding concurrently with other antimicrobials. Do not feed with other ionophores, e.g. monensin capsules, liquid or premix. Do not exceed dose rates. Not to be used for single dose treatments.  Contains coccidiostat – Bovatec® for the prevention of coccidiosis.  Bovatec® is registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No. A09679.  See for registration details.  Additional selenium or copper should only be given following consultation with a nutritionist or veterinarian.

    Caution: Do not allow dogs, horses or other equids access to feeds containing Bovatec® as ingestion by these species could be fatal.