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Product Description

Surflex®is the name of the range of unique micro-nutrient that coats Superphosphate based products with either copper or cobalt.

Why Use Surflex®

Trace elements are used in very low quantities, therefore getting an even and consistent application of these elements across a paddock is difficult. The use of Surflex® technology coats granules with trace element's, increasing the distribution of the trace element.

Available for use on Cattle, Deer and Sheep.

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Superphosphate based products coated with copper or cobalt using Surflex® technology. Available on Sulphur Super 15, Sulphur Super 20, Sulphur Super 30 and Serpentine Super. Speak to your Agri Manager or the Customer Centre for more.

Only available from the Christchurch Store – see Application and Advice for more information.

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Important Information

  • About Surflex®

    Surflex® is a range of unique micronutrient coated Superphosphate based products that are manufactured using the Precision Blending Plant in Christchurch. This technology is world leading and allows the even mixing of solid fertiliser and coating of trace element polymers onto certain fertilisers.

  • Application and advice

    • The recommended rate of application is 250kg/ha of the Surflex® coated product.
    • Copper options; Applying Surflex® 5 Copper at 250kgs per ha (1.25 kg elemental Copper per hectare) or Surflex® 10 Copper at 250kgs per ha (2.5 kg/elemental Copper per hectare).
    • Cobalt options; Applying Surflex® 375 Cobalt at 250kg per ha to get 79g of elemental Cobalt per hectare – which is equivalent to applying 375g of Cobalt Sulphate per hectare.
    • Surflex® 250 Cobalt at 250kg per ha to get 52.5g of elemental Cobalt per hectare – which is equivalent to applying 250g of Cobalt Sulphate per hectare.
    • Only available from the Christchurch Store – speak to your Agri Manager or Customer Centre for more information.
  • Storage

    Can be stored over the season as long as it is kept in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area.

  • Packaging

    • Bulk Product
    • Half Tonne Safemax bags
    • One Tonne Safemax bags
  • Safety

    To obtain a Safety Data Sheet for your specific blend, please contact our Customer Centre on 0800 100 123. This information can be retrieved from your order and sent to you on request.