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  • 4 kg

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    ​Stable, water-soluble multi-mineral and vitamin powder for supplementation of sheep and cattle by oral drenching at strategic times

    Useful for times such as prior to mating, late pregnancy or during periods of stress (including climatic stress)


    Pour the contents of one 1 kg sachet into a 5 litre backpack, add water up to 5 litres and shake gently to dissolve. Once dissolved, orally drench this solution at the recommended dose rate of:

    5ml per lamb
    10 ml per adult sheep
    10ml per calf
    50 ml per adult cattle


    • 4kg polyethylene bucket (containing 4 x 1kg sachets).


    Store in a cool, dry covered facility, and ensure that the bag is closed properly after use. It is important to keep bags dry to prevent absorption of water by the product. Dust masks and eye protection are recommended when handling product if excessive dust is present.


    2 years from date of manufacture.