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N 0.0
P 0.0
K 0.0
S 12.8
Mg 0.0
Ca 0.0
Trace Elements
  • Rebateable
Copper Sulphate

Product Description

​A pale blue powder, crystalline or granular material

Why Use Copper Sulphate

• Often mixed with fertiliser, also used for foliar application (preferably with a suitable sticking agent).
• Copper supplement for the prevention and treatment of copper deficiency.
• Suitable for oral daily drenching, addition to the drinking water or addition to supplementary feed.


​98% Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate - 25% elemental copper

Caution When Mixing

Copper Sulphate is hygroscopic and may not mix well with granular NPK fertilisers while mixing with superphosphate may produce insoluble compounds with low copper availability.

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  • 25 kg

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Important Information

  • Application rates and usage

    Fertiliser for pasture
    Copper Sulphate can be added to fertiliser and applied directly to pasture to elevate herbage copper concentrations. For sheep and cattle, an initial capital application of 10kg/ha is recommended followed by 5kg/ha every 3-4 years thereafter. For deer, it is recommended that a rate of 12kg/ha is applied annually in autumn. Copper takes at least a month to get into herbage through the fertiliser so to ensure adequate levels have been reached in the herbage, test the herbage 4-6 weeks after application.

    Fertiliser for crops
    Copper Sulphate can be applied directly to soil pre-sowing at 5kg/ha, which may result in a long-term residual effect. Under dryland cereal cropping, broadcast application of Copper Sulphate may be ineffective due to low soil moisture. Foliar applications need to be made with caution, as it is extremely toxic. Thus it is advisable to dilute to 0.75-1.0 kg/ha in 200 litres of water and repeat to avoid toxicity. These applications are proving to be most effective when applied at the mid to late tillering stage.

    Animal Health
    Copper Sulphate can be administered as an oral drench, through the drinking water or added to supplementary feed. For dose rates please consult your animal health adviser. It can also be dissolved in water and sprayed onto pasture as a foliar application, at a rate of 2kg/ha. Foliar application should be done in the autumn, winter or early spring, as these are the periods of peak requirement. The foliar application can also be applied at the same rate to pasture that is due to be cut, or has just be cut, for hay, silage or baleage.

  • Compatibility and precautions

    Copper Sulphate is hygroscopic, therefore may not mix well with granular NPK fertilisers while mixing with superphosphate may produce insoluble compounds with low copper availability.

    Animal Health
    Copper Sulphate can be mixed with most other oral nutritional animal health products. It is soluble in water so can be administered through the drinking water, however it can be corrosive to machinery so check with your equipment supplier first.

    Do not administer to animals at the same time as using high doses of zinc for facial eczema prevention (North Island only), as copper supplementation may interfere with the protective effects of zinc.

  • Packaging Features

    Polypropylene bag

  • Storage and handling

    • Copper Sulphate is mildly irritant, so care should be taken to avoid contact with eyes.
    • Store in a cool, dry covered facility, and ensure that the bag is closed properly after use.